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Table of contents:

                            Part 1 - 124 benefits of Fitness Tapper
                            Part 2 - Testimonials
                            Part 3 - Fitness Tapper
                            Part 4 - Portable mode
                            Part 5 - How to use in-house ?
                            Part 6 - FITNESS CHECK
                            Part 7 - Who ?!
                            Part 8 - Contact us

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FiTT is a 100% natural bio-photonic energy device which is mainly used by health and fitness oriented people to improve their body energy, endurance, nutrition quality and overall wellness.

Part 1 - The 124 benefits and reasons to use a Fitness Tapper

Since I use FiTT water when I jog I feel less fatigue and my knee hurts less. Showering with FiTT water washes away my fatigue instantly. I feel some kind of unexplainable new pleasure when showering.
Alan, 57, New York, NY

After I sprained my left foot ankle, I kept my left foot for in a basin with room temerature FiTT water for about 12 minutes. After that I could already step on my foot easier. Later that day I repeated the "treatment" for another 3 times. The second day my foot was already better but I kept my foot for another 4 x 12 minutes sessions in FiTT water.  On the 3rd day I could do my every morning runs again.
Emily, 46, San Jose, California,

As a tennis player sometimes I have pains in my right shoulder, right hand elbow and left knee. Since I use FiTT I have less pains in my joints. Every time I have a pain in my shoulder, elbow of knee I take a 20-30 minutes bath with FiTT water and it always makes the pain disappear.
Tom, 28, Long Beach, California

With FiTT water I ride my bike for longer distance with less fatigue. I sweat less. When showering with FiTT water I feel like I am getting a very energetic pleasant feeling. After showering with FiTT I can say that somehow I feel happier. I have no more dry skin irritation after shower. I use 3 FiTT's since 2006 : one FiTT I take with me in my trips and the other two are plumbed on pipes. All 3 FiTT's work just fine without additional maintenance.
Charlie, 47, San Diego, California

Part 4 - How to use Fitness Tapper in "portable mode"
plastic bottle and Fitness and Therapy Tapper
how to make a FiTT funnel from a plastic bottle
Fitness and Therapy funnel - FiTT funnel
Step 1: Take / buy a plastic bottle with narrow neck.
    Be sure that in it is/was drinking water and nothing else. Any store has at least 4-8 types of soft drinks bottled in such bottles. Take bigger bottle for larger funnel and smaller bottle for smaller funnel, depending on your needs.

In the image below we took a half litre bottle (~17 Ounces) - it takes less place. The shiny piece of metal on the right is FiTT (Fitness Tapper)
Step 2: Empty the bottle. Take a knife and cut the bottle bottom as shown in the picture below. You can cut larger size depending on how big/small you want the funnel to be.

    In this case (with 17 Ounces = 0,5 litre bottle) we recommend cutting the bottle as close as possible to the bottle bottom. This kind of funnel enriches with biophotons 17 Ounces (half litre) of water in about 5-7 seconds.
Step 3: Take the Fitness Tapper and screw it tightly on the bottle mouth. It needs to go just a little bit (clockwise) to fit tight.

The FiTT funnel is ready. You can unscrew the funnel in any moment you wish.

It's ok if the water leaks a little bit outside of FiTT when it is poured into the funnel.
FiTT plumbing points
FiTT can be plumbed in 3 different FiTT points depending on one's needs. The most recommendable FiTT points are marked on the plumbing scheme below.

FiTT Point 1 - is for improving kitchen water for drinking and cooking. FiTT is plumbed on cold water pipe.

FiTT Point 2 - is for improving the hot water for bathroom faucets (mostly for people who like showering and bathing with warm / hot FiTT water).

FiTT Point 3 - is for improving the cold water for bathroom faucets (mostly for people who also like to shower or take baths with cold FiTT water)
→→→  recommendable water flow direction  →→→
FiTT Fitness Tapper
Recommendable water flow direction: from left to right (mother connection is the inflow point, father connection is the outflow point)
How to do the "fitness check" or how to check that FiTT charges the water with 100% bio-available, natural bio-photonic energy ?

    Step 1: Take 2 roses. Leave them without water until they get half-faded. Put one rose in a glass of water (e.g. the water you drink) and the other rose in another glass with FiTT Water (same water improved  with FiTT).
    Step 2:  Leave them for 3-4 days
    Step 3:  Notice the difference - it is really noticeable.
    Ask yourself the following questions:
1. Which rose has a better nutrients assimilation ?
2. Which one has higher energy levels and looks healthier ?
3. Which rose is in better shape ?
4. Which one has higher longevity expectation ?

Anyone can do this simple experiment to see that FiTT does it's job.
Anyone can choose like which flower to look and feel like.
For a price quote or for other details on how to use the Fitness Tapper for better health and fitness please feel free to use the contact form to ask us any question.

You will receive a reply to your message by email.

Respectfully yours,
Fitness Tapper Team
  • personal trainers and their trainees
  • fitness trainers and their trainees
  • yoga trainers and their trainees
  • aerobics instructors and their trainees
  • water therapists and their customers
  • shaping trainers and their trainees
  • step instructors and their customers
  • pilates instructors and their customers
  • fit-ball trainers and their customers
  • thai-bo trainers and their trainees
  • bodyrock trainers and their trainees
  • massage therapists and their customers
  • naturopaths / naturopathic doctors and their customers
  • orthomolecular therapists and their customers
  • dieticians and their customers
  • nutritionists and their customers
  • herbalists and their customers
  • aromatherapists and their customers
  • natural health care practitioners and their customers
  • health care practitioners and their customers
  • natural medicine professionals and their customers
  • longevity consultants and their customers
  • wellness experts and their customers
  • life coaches and their customers
  • reiki masters and their customers
  • feng shui consultants and their customers
  • nutrition and wellness specialists and their customers
  • performance and endurance instructors / counselors and their customers
  • health consultants, experts, masters, specialists, trainers, counselors and their customers
  • healers and their customers
  • holistic nutrition specialists and their customers
  • allopathic therapists and their customers
  • fitness specialists and their customers
  • ARCH practitioners (Ancient Rainbow Conscious Healing) and their customers
  • Bodywork Teachers and their customers
  • Alternative medicine practitioners and their customers
  • Crystal healing / crystal alchemy practitioners and their customers
  • Complementary practitioners and their customers
  • health visitors and their customers
  • holistic therapists and their customers
  • sports fitness therapists and their customers
  • acupuncturists and their customers
  • autogenic training masters and their customers
  • craniosacral therapists and their customers
  • energy medicine practitioners and their customers
  • manipulative therapists and their customers
  • family practitioners and their customers
  • food therapists and their customers
  • health coaches and their customers
  • athlete endurance coaches and their customers
  • etc, etc.
NOTE: The term "FiTT water" will further mean "water improved with FiTT = Fitness Tapper"

1. FiTT is a 100% natural bio-photonic energy device which is used for instantly improving the nutritional and energetic properties of drinking water and/or bath or shower water (a photo is provided in Part 4).

2. By many people FiTT is already used for 8-10 years without additional maintenance costs.

3. FiTT is comparable to the size of a cell phone and can be put in a bag to be taken in  any trip / voyage.
5. FiTT uses no electricity and can be used for improving drinking water and shower / bath water.

6. FiTT is made from high quality metal alloy which makes it to be highly durable.

7. FiTT has no spare parts.

8. FiTT uses no chemicals.

9. FiTT improves water smell - If it's the case, the water becomes less smelly instantly.

10. FiTT improves water taste - water tastes sweeter.
11. FiTT water quenches thirst faster, better and by drinking less water.

12. Showering / bathing with FiTT water is more pleasant and it gives a more energetic and fresher experience daily for years to come.

13. More natural oxygen (with faster assimilation) is available in FiTT water. This feature improves muscle contraction and endurance.
25. Drinking, bathing and taking showers with FiTT water improves  muscle feeding with nutrients and also improves ...

26+. muscles strength

27+. muscles recovery after gym or body building, or fitness class, or aerobics or pilates, or yoga, or etc

28+. muscles contraction

29+. muscles hydration

30+. muscles mobility (also joints mobility)

31+. muscles growth

32+. improves muscles disorders treatment ... 

33++. muscular atony (floppy muscles, lacking normal elasticity)

34++. muscular atrophy

35++. muscular cramps

36++. fibrositis (muscular pain and stiffness)

37++. muscle fatigue (tired and aching muscles)

38++. muscular spasms, myositis, spasticity (muscular hypertonicity)

39++. muscle overstretching or sprain (ligament overstretching)

40. FiTT water improves food assimilation and transportation of nutrients to all body cells.
41. FiTT water improves joints health and improveS joints disorders treatment  ... 

42+. improves traumatic joint diseases treatment ++

43++. blunt injuries

44++. sprains (ligament, tendon or muscle damage with momentary incomplete dislocation of a joint);

45++. overt fractures and dislocations ; 

46+. improves joint diseases / joint pains treatment ... 

47++. arthritis (inflamation and/or redness of the joints) ;

48++. osteoarthritis

49++. rheumatoid arthritis

50++. septic arthritis

51++. "housemaids knee" - knee bursitis

52++. "soldier's heel" - Achilles tendon bursitis

53++. "tennis elbow" - elbow bursitis

54++. "weaver's bottom" - pelvis bursitis

55++.  shoulder bursitis - most common;
56. Whole body energy level is boosted with FiTT water when it is used both for drinking, showering and bathing.

57. FiTT improves digestion and helps improve ...

58+. stomach health

59+. duodenum health

60+. liver health

61+. gallbladder health

62+. pancreas health

63+. small intestine health

64+. colon health

65+. appendix health

66+. hemmorhoids health
67. The water improved with Fitness Tapper helps in improving eating disorders treatment ...

68+. acid reflux, gastritis, heartburn, GERD or gastroesophageal reflux disease, excessive stomach acid

69+. gastric ulcer

70+. duodenal ulcer

71+. IBS (irritable bowel syndrome)

72+. pancreatitis

73+. constipations

74+. hemmorhoids

75+. nausea / vomiting
91. FiTT water reduces appetite and helps with weight loss diets and programms.

92. FiTT water improves oral hygiene.

93. Dental health and gums health is improved with FiTT water if it is used as mouth water after eating. The FiTT water is recommended to be of approximately the same temperature as the food to avoid teeth enamel damage by temperature contrast.

94. Bad breath / halitosis treatment is augmented by using the Fitness and Therapy Tapper for improving the drinking water.
95. FiTT water helps reduce heavy stomach feeling / nauseas after eating (drink one or two glasses of FiTT water).

96. In case of alcohol consumption, FiTT water helps become sober faster.

97. In case of alcohol intoxication helps the person vomit faster the alcohol out from the stomach.

98. Smoking addiction is lowered with FiTT water : usually a heavy smoker gets to smoke 2 to 5 times less cigarettes daily.

99. FiTT water reduces alcohol addiction.

100. Body detoxification is accelerated with FiTT water.
101. Headaches or migraines become less frequent and less severe when FiTT water is used regularly both for drinking and showering / bathing.

102. Skin hygiene is improved with FiTT water when used for shower and bath.

103. Scalp health is augmented

104. Dandruff treatment is improved when FiTT water is used regularly for head hair washing : in about 2-4 weeks the dandruff quantity diminishes.

105. Scalp hair health is improved : better hair shining, better hair elasticity and higher hair strength.

106. After washing the hair with FiTT water the hair combs easier

107. "Dry skin feeling after bath" is noticed to dissapear when FiTT water is used

108. Allergies treatment is improved if FiTT water is used for drinking / bathing

109. Skin allergies treatment is improved

110. Food allergies are more rare and less severe if FiTT water is used for drinking

111. Calcium assimilation is improved with FiTT. This is very important for bones and teeth health at any age.
112. FiTT water is beneficial for keeping kidneys health in better condition

113. FiTT water augments kidneys treatment efficiency

114. Longevity expectancy is higher with FiTT water

115. Acne treatment is improved due to FiTT water antibacterial / antimicrobial properties

116. Alternative treatments / remedies / cures are more efficient with FiTT
117. Drugs efficiency is augmented with FiTT water

118. Drugs have less side effects

119. Immune system strength is better if FiTT water is used regularly for drinking and bathing

120. FiTT water is beneficial for high blood pressure / low blood pressure treatment

121. Central blood circulation and peripheral blood circulation is improved with FiTT water

Fitness and Therapy Tapper in a plastic glass used in the kitchen
    The FiTT funnel can be kept in a plastic glass, so that the remaining water drops don't leak over the table after the FiTT funnel is used.

    By using the plastic bottle funnel you can take the FiTT wherever you go to help you stay in better fitness. Many people when they change location, they usually get one of the three problems: diarrhea, constipation or zitts appear here-there on the face. By using FiTT as recommended it helps to successfully prevent these problems.

    NOTE: If you didn't use FiTT for more than 1 day it is recommendable to rinse it with half a glass of water before using it for drinking water.
fitness drink
women fitness class
fitness room
car for fitness
    17+. Showering / bathing with FiTT water improves overall body hygiene and reduces bacteria growth (and also fungus/mycosis) under arms, feet and intimate parts.

    18++. Feet mycosis treatment is improved by using the FiTT water for showering and / or bathing
    19+. drinking water

    20+. cooking water

    21+. shower and bath water
The Fitness Tapper is mainly used for improving ...
22. Drinking FiTT water helps relieve fatigue faster.

23. Showering with FiTT water restores wellness and washes away fatigue.

24. FiTT water helps the body recover faster from workouts.

Part 2 - Fitness Tapper testimonials

Part 6 - Fitness check - FiTT in action
Part 7 - The Fitness Tapper is mostly used by people interested about their health, fitness and wellness:

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FiTT - Fitness and Therapy Tapper side view
FiTT - Fitness Tapper - 100% natural biophotonic energy - side view
FiTT - Fitness and Therapy Tapper
Part 3 - Fitness Tapper photo

14. FiTT water offers a better protection against harmful bacteria and microorganisms ...

    15+. Perspiration bad smell is reduced if FiTT water is used for drinking and showering / bathing. 

    16+. Drinking FiTT water helps detoxify the body better and reduces perspiration bad smell common to armpits, feet and intimate body parts.

76+. motility disorders / intestinal motility dysfunction (abnormal intestinal contractions such as spasms and intestinal paralysis due to the fact that gut looses it's natural capacity to contract intestinal muscles normally)

77+. melena - gastrointestinal bleeding that results in abnormal stool that contains digested blood. It usually results from bleeding in the upper gastro-intestinal tract and is often a sign of peptic ulcer or small bowel disease

78+. gallstones - cholelithiasis

79+. cholecystitis - inflammation of the gallbladder, gallblader infections, gallbladder obstructions

80+. inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) - inflamatory condition of the colon and small intestine; Crohn's disease - can affect any part of gastrointestinal tract; ulcerative colitis - affects only colon and rectum

81+. diverticulosis and diverticulitis - aka diverticular disease - structural change of colonic mucosa or large intestine because of colon muscle layers weakness

82+. celiac disease - gluten intolerance - sprue - nontropical sprue which is a disorder of the lining of small intestine which lowers absorbtion of nutrients which are important for daily health

83+. cyclical vomiting syndrome CVS - severe nausea and vomiting which lasts for hours or days with intervals of no symptoms

84+. gastroparesis - delayed gastric emptying - partial paralysis of the stomach which makes the food stay in stomach for longer time than normal

85+. hiatal hernia - hiatus hernia which is a protrusion or herniation of upper part of the stomach

86+. hepatitis;   87+. fatty liver;     88+. cirrhosis;       89+. diabetes;       90+. diarrhea
122. Natural supplements, vitamins, minerals, plant extracts are better and faster assimilated with FiTT water

123. FiTT water improves all family members health and helps spend less on health maintenance

124. FiTT water is beneficial for mental focus and learning abilities improvement
PART 1 : FiTT Benefits - Page 1
When I go to gym I take with me a bottle of FiTT water. I feel less fatigue after gym and I feel more power in my muscles, better contraction and higher endurance. After half a year I noticed that my muscles are bigger and look better.
Val, 31, Seatle, Washington

Since using FiTT I completely forgot about heartburns which used to bother me almost daily. I drink two glasses of FiTT water in the morning. Another noticeable benefit is that I have incomparably less constipations than before using FiTT.
Dan, 27, Portland, Oregon

I used to have excessive stomach acid. I found out that chronic stomach acid leads to duodenal ulcer / gastric ulcer. After 9 days of drinking 2 glasses of FiTT water in the morning I have no excessive stomach acid symptoms for months. I use FiTT since 2007 and I have no excessive stomach acid problems until now. I forgot what acid reflux means and what it used to feel like.
Greg, 29, Salt Lake City, Utah

After having surgery on my stomach because of stomach ulcer my stomach kept nagging me. 30 minutes before each meal I drink 1 glass of water improved with FiTT. My stomach is now way better than before and it's been 2 and a half years since I use Fitness and Therapy Tapper.

Alex, 31, Santa Monica, California

How and why I have developed gallbladder stones I don't know. I went to the doctor and ultrasonography discovered 3 gallbladeer stones each one bigger than the size of a bean. My face color oftenly became yellow - green. Blood analysis showed twice the highest level of normal bilirubin. The doctor told me that I have Gilbert syndrome and he offered me to do a laporoscopic surgery to remove the gallbladder stones. I refused and I also became more carefull about my health. 2 years after this visit to the doctor, I started using FiTT - now for more than 7 years. I drink 2  glasses (8 oz glass) of FiTT water each morning (sometimes I forget to do it). I feel tremendously better than before. All these 7 years since I use FiTT I have ZERO visits to the doctors. I deffinetly feel the difference with FiTT: no yellow-green face, 90% less constipations, 95% less heavy stomachs, I completely forgot what acid reflux or heartburn feels like and I have no more the dry skin feeling after showering or bathing with FiTT water.
Dan, 33, Huntington Beach, California

For 11 years I have psoriasis. I think I have tried all the ointments and treatments out there which didn't work for me. For more than 4 years I use Fitness and Therapy Tapper to improve my drinking water. I also use a two other FiTTs to improve my cold water and warm water for bath and shower. With FiTT my skin looks better and fresher. I also get less colds per year than before using FiTT.
Mindy, 44, Colorado Springs, Colorado

FiTT helps me improve my skin health. I have no more the dry skin feeling after shower. On my skin there is also a skin spot / skin cancer which shrinked in size and looks much better than before I started using FiTT in 2007.
Andy, 56, Phoenix, Arizona

Smoking cigarettes for more than 5 years makes my face look "not so fresh" as before. I want to quit smoking but it is "too hard". When I started using FiTT for improving drinking water, after 2 weeks I noticed that I involuntarily smoke less cigarettes. Before using FiTT I smoked 1 pack daily (20 cigarettes) with FiTT I smoke only 6-8 cigarettes a day.
Mel, 24, Wichita, Kansas

I have less eyes irritations with FiTT water and I can deffinetly say that my vision is better. Every morning I rinse my face and eyes for 30-40 seconds with warm FiTT water (clear water) and after that I rinse my face and eyes with colder FiTT water (clear water) 2-3 times. My eyes look healthier and the usual ithchiness disappeared.
Josh, 71, New York, New York

Every morning I sit for 30-40 minutes in the bathtub filled with warm FiTT water. It helps me a lot with my hemmorhoids. I felt less pain and discomfort starting with first bath.
Sam, 53, Tulsa, Oklahoma

From the first day of taking 40 minutes baths with FiTT water I have less lower back pains. My spine feels better with FiTT. No more dry skin feeling after baths since using FiTT.
Liam, 67, San Antonio, Texas

Besides tasting sweeter, the water improved with FiTT helps me have less headaches and it improves my wife's sleep. My 1 year old daugter, which was a very bad sleeper, from the first 10 minutes bath with FiTT water slept until morning without usual wake-ups in the middle of the night.
Bill, 36, Rochester, Minnesota

My wife tells me that I snore less and my breath when I sleep is smoother. She also tells me that before using FiTT my usual 5-15 seconds breath stops while asleep worried her a lot and disturbed her sleep too.
Harry, 78, Madison, Wisconsin

When I have a headache I get in the shower with FiTT water for 10 minutes. When I get out of the shower my headache is gone.
Mat, 39, Columbia, Missouri

Taking baths in the evening with FiTT water for 15 minutes makes me sleep better. I wake up better rested and during the day I feel less stressed out.
Sophie, 32, Fort Wayne, Indiana

Regular 20 minutes baths in the evening with FiTT water helps me relieve my lower back pains. I don't use to wake up no more in the middle of the the night because of the back pain.
Lily, 51, Cincinnati, Ohio

Since I use FiTT for driking water and shower / bath water, I "climb" the stairs easier without having that scary feeling that I don't have enough air to breathe. I have less pains in my knees than before and I feel more confident in my feet strength. I drink one 8 oz glass of FiTT water half hour before each meal and another glass half hour after each meal. I also take two 5 minutes showers with FiTT water daily one in the morning and the other one in the evening.
Grace, 68, Grand Rapids, Michigan

Heavy stomach feeling was a common thing for me after almost each meal for years. Drinking a glass of FiTT water a half hour before eating and another glass of FiTT water a half hour after eating improves my digestion. I noticed that I started eating less food without feeling hungrier than before using FiTT. I also have about 90% less constipations and diarrheas.
Chloe, 31, Rochester, New York

When I wash my face in the morning with FiTT water I have no more dry skin feeling. I also have less dandruff since I use FiTT for improving shower water.
Jay, 46, Greensboro, North Carolina

Food prepared with FiTT (soups, spaghetti, etc) deffinetly taste better since I use FiTT to improve cooking water. My whole family : myself, my husband and my 3 sons, we noticed to have less digestion problems since  we use FiTT. Cooking food with FiTT water and drinking one glass of FiTT water 30 minutes before each makes me have no heavy stomach, no acid reflux, no constipations and no diarrheas.
Jessica, 33, Portsmouth, UK

For more than 3 years I take FiTT with me in my trips. I have no more usual acne on my face each time I change location and as a consequence, drinking water. Having to travel a lot I also used to have frequent constipations or diarrheas. Since I use FiTT I can't remember when the last time was when I had acid reflux.
Ruby, 41, Reading, UK

In the evening, when I come home, I wash my face, neck, hands and feet with cold FiTT water. It takes me about 1 minute to do this. After this I drink 2 glasses of FiTT water (room temperature). My fatigue goes away instanly. My hair is more flexible and combs easier. My hair also looks more shiny and I have less dandruff since I shower with FiTT water.
Ella, 35, Cheltenham, UK

Watching the computer screen for 7 hours a day and 5 days a week makes me have like I have sand in my eyes almost all the time. I also used to have frequent headaches. Since I take a bottle of FiTT water with me at my job and drinking a glass of water each hour (sometimes 2 hours) makes me feel much better. I also smoke less cigarettes since I use FiTT water. The dry eyes feeling is gone. As usually I wash my face in the morning with tap water improved with FiTT. It feels completely different.
Jack, 28, London, UK

After a party if I feel that I had too much of it, I drink 3-4 glasses of warm FiTT water and on the second day the hangover is less hard on me.
Alfie, 24, Bristol, UK

Drinking 2 glasses of warm FiTT water in the morning, half hour before breakfast, helps me have much less diarrheas. When I have acid reflux I drink slowly 1 glass of warm FiTT water and it works each time. FiTT water helps me have less cases of acid relfux.
Lucy, 50, Exeter, UK

When I have a mild toothache I use warm FiTT water as mouth water. I just wash my teeth with toothpaste and after that I wash my mouth with warm FiTT water for 1-2 minutes. For more than 3 years FiTT helps me improve teeth and gums health.
Josh, 57, Southend-on-Sea, UK

When doing yoga I feel that I get better mental focus and better relaxation with FiTT water. I drink 1 glass of FiTT water 10 minutes before yoga class. Showering with FiTT water is enchanting.
Megan, 36, Mississauga, Canada

I am a Ci-Gun master and from the first moment when taking a glass with FiTT water in my hand I felt that FiTT water has about 3 times more energy in it than the same water not improved with FiTT. Drinking FiTT water is deffinetly an improvement for all body health and energy. Drinking 1 glass of FiTT water 20-30 minutes before each meal is very good for digestion. Taking a shower with FiTT water is a completely new experience.
Ryan, 47, San Mateo, California

When going to the gym I take with me one 32 oz bottle with FiTT water. The workouts run easier and I feel that my muscles get pumped better. I have more energy after gym. I don't feel anymore pains in my elbows and shoulders when I do biceps and triceps workouts. Right shoulder pain is gone. Taking a shower with FiTT water after gym helps me recover even faster after workouts. When I take a 30-40 minutes bath with FiTT water I feel profound muscle relaxation.
David, 29, Thousand Oaks, California

In my gym I've plumbed 2 FiTT's on both hot water and cold water pipes. I personally feel that when showering with FiTT water after workouts it's like fatigue is washed away with each water drop that falls on my skin. I get out of the shower "fully recharged". By the way, I have no more dry skin feeling after showering with FiTT water.
Harvey, 42, Los Angeles, California

Since using FiTT to improve drinking water my elbows and shoulders hurt less and workouts at the gym go easier. I have the same weight but I feel that I can move easier and faster since I use FiTT. When working out I take with me a 32 oz bottle of FiTT water plus I drink 1 glass of FiTT water 20-30 minutes before main meals.
Ed, 57, San Diego, California

I run longer distances easier when I drink 1-2 glasses of FiTT water 10 minutes before running. I sweat less and my running clothes are less smelly since I use FiTT. Taking showers with FiTT water feels like warm cascade and helps me recover better. Drinking 1 glass of FiTT water 10-15 minutes before going to run makes a good difference. Could not believe it until I tried it.
Evie, 37, Provo, Utah

The stiffness in my right shoulder stopped bothering me in about 3 weeks after I started using a FiTT for drinking water (portable mode) and another FiTT for shower / bath. I drink one glass of FiTT water 30 minutes before each meal plus other 3-5 glasses during the day. I take showers 2 times a day : 5 minutes in the morning and 10 minutes in the evening. Showering with FiTT water feels very relaxing and energetic in the same time.
Phoebe, 31, Lakewood, Colorado

Right shoulder pain is not nagging me anymore since I use one FiTT for drinking water (portable mode) and another FiTT plumbed on hot water pipe which goes to bathroom faucet / shower. I take daily 30 minutes baths with FiTT water. Bathing with FiTT water is a very relaxing and "nourishing" experience.
Owen, 41, Cheyenne, Wyoming

Since I use FiTT for drinking water (portable mode) I noticed that my nose feels warmer in cold weather. I don't know how it happens, but each time when I wash my face with cold FiTT water my nose opens up and breathing through nose becomes instantly easier.
Olivia, 36, Ann Arbor, Michigan

As a Reiki master, just by taking a glass of FiTT water in my hand, I instantly felt that it has much higher levels of natural "happy" energy.
Dylan, 44, Youngstown, Ohio

Just drinking 2 glasses of room temperature FiTT water in the morning helps me have less rib cage pains, especially on the left side. Taking daily showers with FiTT water also helps me feel better.
Logan, 59, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

I eat 20-30% less food than before using FiTT water for drinking and showering and I don't feel hungry. I drink one glass of warm FiTT water 20 minutes before each meal and another glass of warm FiTT water 20 minutes after eating. I walk by foot 40 minutes when going to work and another 40 minutes on my way home. With FiTT water I feel like an "energy ball" and I constantly lose 1 pound of weight each two weeks.
Emma, 27, Worcester, Massachusetts

From 50kg to 60 kg bench press I went in half a year. Drinking FiTT water in the morning and taking a bottle of it with me when going to the gym, I went from 60kg to 70kg in one month (that is 6 times faster !). With FiTT water I also feel less discomfort in back lumbar area and less joints fatigue.
My father snores less when he takes a 10 minutes shower in the evening with FiTT water. He says that he is always better mood after showering with FiTT water.
Vince, 24, Hartford, Connecticut

Bad breath has been a problem for me for years. I drink 1-2 glass of FiTT water 30-40 minutes before each meal. After finishing meal I rinse my mouth with FiTT water for 30 seconds. In about 2 weeks my digestion improved and I feel more comfortable about my breath. I have no acid reflux for more than 3 years
Gavin, 35, Newport News, Virginia

Part 5 - How to  plumb the Fitness Tapper on water pipes

Roses at the beginning of the experiment
The same roses after 3 days
In the photos bellow: The Rose on the left is put in a glass of drinking water and the Rose on the right is in a glass of drinking water improved with the Fitness Tapper
Part 8 - Contact us

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PART 3 : Fitness Tapper Photos
PART 4 : Fitness Tapper in "portable mode"
PART 5 : How to plumb the Fitness Tapper
PART 6 : Fitness Tapper in action
PART 7 : The Fitness Tapper is mostly used by ...
PART 8 : Fitness Tapper contact
tap water structure before FiTT - resembles to the structure of unhealthy / cancerous cells
tap water structure after FiTT - resembles to the structure of healthy cells